Coloured Windows

Colour is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a building unique and give it the character required to attract buyers or tenants. Virtually any colour you specify, Rationel can deliver – for timber or aluminium. We offer a wide range of RAL colours in addition to the traditional wood stains.

Frame Options

Frame Options

Grey Windows

Grey Windows

Coloured Windows

Coloured Windows

Timber Surface Treatment

We always treat the surfaces of our products using our water-based System 2 ECO. First we impregnate the wood, then we prime it and finally we apply a topcoat. The dry-coat thickness of the paint is 80-100 my and the standard colour is a RAL colour, gloss 20.

Standard RAL Colours

All Rationel’s windows and doors are available in one standard RAL colour on the inside and outside according to your wishes. This applies both to timber and timber and aluminium ranges.

AURA/Rationel AURA+

Rationel AURA+, the new timber and aluminium range, is available in the ten most popular modern colours, a total of six RAL colours and four granite colours on the outside. Inside, the colour of the timber frame is RAL 9010 as standard, but is also available in RAL 9001, RAL 7015, RAL 7016, RAL 7035 and RAL 9005. AURA in timber is available in six modern RAL colours.

Standard Granite Colours For Timber & Aluminium

Rationel offers granite colours for timber and aluminium products at no surcharge. Granite colours have a ’sand-blasted’ surface, adding a rustic appearance to the aluminium cladding. You can also see the granite colours on the chart below.

Granite Colours

Use A RAL Colour Chart

In addition to the standard colours shown here, we have lots of special colours from the RAL scale for you to choose from. Our distributor can inform you about our prices for special colours for our pure timber products or for our timber and aluminium products.

Special Colours

Ecotec Windows do not guarantee that the colours shown in the colour examples are accurate. It is therefore important to use an authorised RAL colour chart to choose the desired colour.

Weather Strips

Weather strips are grey, irrespective of window or door colours or ranges.

Special Solutions

Most people choose the same colour inside and outside. However, we also offer special solutions, such as different colours for the sash and frame inside and the sash and frame outside. Various options can therefore help you accentuate the character of a building or special parts of it, such as bays or conservatories. Contact Ecotec Windows for information about prices of special solutions.

Two Colours For Timber

If you want a standard RAL colour on the inside and a different one on the outside for our FORMA and DOMUS timber ranges. Please note that a surcharge will be applicable.

Translucent Colours And Clear Laquer

Translucent colours and clear lacquer are available for the timber parts of DOMUS and ALDUS windows and doors. These types of surface treatment let the natural timber show.

Surface Treatment Of Timber & Aluminium

A polyester powder coating is applied to the aluminium cladding of our timber and aluminium ranges. Our ALDUS range is offered in a standard RAL colour, gloss 77, and the FORMA+ and Rationel AURA+ ranges in a standard RAL colour, gloss 30.

Two Aluminium Colours For Timber & Aluminium

If you want a two-coloured solution for FORMA+, ALDUS or Rationel AURA+, our timber and aluminium ranges, the actual timber construction always has the same colour and you can decide the colour of the aluminium cladding, attached with clips. The price is available in the price list at the Ecotec Windows.

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