Composite Bi-Fold Doors SF55c Double Glazed & SF75c Triple Glazed

Composite bi-fold doors SF55C & SF75C

Combining Aluminium Outside With Timber Inside

Achieve the best of both worlds with our slimline aluminium doors that have internal timber cladding. Enjoy the warmth and natural beauty of the internal timber, whilst benefitting from the maintenance-free aluminium externally. As this system is the modern design of thermally broken aluminium door with a timber cladding on the inside, this Sunflex door offers slimmer sightlines compared to the old style of timber door with external aluminium cladding. We offer a choice of two slimline, timber-clad thermally broken aluminium systems, each featuring:

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  • Slim sightlines of only 118mm maximising your view and the light into your home
  • Certified weather rating – reassuringly these systems have been officially tested to ensure that they really do keep bad weather outside. It’s one of the most weathertight aluminium systems available - 900Pa water tightness (Class9A) and 600Pa air permeability (Class 4) with our standard weathered track. It achieves a resistance to wind load of 1,600Pa (Class A4) for reassurance in the most exposed of locations. (A low U-Value does not mean it keeps out the wind and the rain – know a systems weather test results before committing to a purchase)
  • Excellent securitywith a multi-point locking system as standard comprising top and bottom shootbolt locking with additional side-locking point on lead door panels and a 5-lever Euro profile cylinder. Internally glazed as standard, concealed running gear with double rebated outer frame sections. Horizontal latch lock also available
  • Built-in design tolerances to cope with material expansion and contraction when installed to south facing elevations, and to cater for marginal lintel deflection, ensuring many years of trouble-free operation. The Sunflex system is the most effective solution to cater for the extreme weather conditions we experience today
  • Child safewith unique locking panel catch and stacking clip which enables doors to be locked securely in the open position, safe from young children and preventing unwanted operation of the system
  • Finger cushioning gasket situated on the edge of the panels provides cushioning for young fingers. Made from long lasting EPDM rubber and continuing past the hinge, unlike most other folding doors, ensuring no weak spot in the weathering
  • Contemporary appearance and the best looking bi-fold door on the market, with modern slimline square-edged profiles and slimline gasket between panels. It also has small slimline hinges all of equal size and stylish matching handle furniture either colour matched to the frame or stainless steel
  • Choice of three internal timber designs to match the look of your room or existing windows
  • Wide range of finishes. Five standard external aluminium frame colours and a further 200 available including brushed steel, textured and woodgrain. The external aluminium has an extreme marine protection option by pre-anodising the frames making them porous and then quickly powder coated ensuring excellent adhesion of the paint in to the frames. Not many companies offer pre-anodising as a marine finish. Internal timber (Pine, Meranti, or Oak upgrade) finished in Sikkens timber stain or in any RAL colour
  • A lighter door – as this is an aluminium system with timber cladding it offers slimmer sightlines than timber doors clad with aluminium
  • Complete range including single doors, French doors and fixed frames in the same profile

Sunflex SF55c double glazed

Ideal to achieve wider panels, whilst exceeding building regulations for thermal efficiency without having to invest in triple glazing.

Double glazed with 1.0 W/m2K centre pane U-Value = Overall frame and glass U-Value 1.6 W/m2K.

This system accommodates glazing of 28mm or 30mm, which can include double glazing and integrated blinds. Acoustic performance Rw=36dB. Further upgrades are available.

Choice of thresholds with a DDA-compliant flush track for a virtually seamless connection between inside and outside or an extreme weathertight track for exposed locations. Additional sill sections are available in varying projections.

Maximum panel width 1,200mm, and maximum panel height for narrower panels 3,500mm.

Sunflex SF75c triple glazed

The ultimate in thermal efficiency with a massive 44mm multi-chambered thermal break keeping heat inside your room. This not only saves you money on heating bills, but makes your room feel warmer whilst maintaining the incredibly slim 115mm sightline.

Thermal performance

The ultimate in thermal efficiency with a massive 44mm multi-chambered thermal break and timber cladding on the inside. The Sunflex SF75c sets the highest standards for thermal efficiency in the timber-clad aluminium folding door market whilst retaining the super slim sightline of only 118mm.

Triple glazed with a 0.5 W/m2K centre pane U-Value = Overall frame and glass U-Value 0.9 W/m2K.

This system accommodates 48mm glazing, which can include triple glazing and integrated blinds with excellent thermal properties.

Maximum panel width 1,000mm, and maximum panel height for narrower panels 3,000mm.

Choice of tracks with a single rebate low-level track for convenience and DDA compliance or a double-rebated weathered track for exposed locations and enviable weather test results. Additional sill sections are available in varying projections.

For internal situations or when thermal performance is not required, Sunflex offers the SF50c timber-clad non-thermally broken aluminium system, which can be single or double glazed.

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