Glazing Options

Rationel’s windows are provided with argon filled double-glazed or triple-glazed energy-efficient glazing with a warm-edge spacer as standard.

Our range includes several options to enable you to improve your energy rating. It is always advisable to choose windows with the lowest possible Uw value to face north and windows with the best possible WER to face south, east and west.

Rationel OBSCURE

Rationel OBSCURE

Rationel OBSCURE panes are used for windows and doors in order to restrict the view into private areas such as bathrooms. As the patterns are located inside of the panes, they can be cleaned like traditional glazing.

All Rationel’s panes have been approved according to the EN 1279 requirements and have a warm-edge spacer.

Small Cathedral, white Small Cathedral, white
Listral Listral
Stippled Stippled
Satin, Acid Etched Glass Satin, acid etched glass
Silvit Silvit
Cotswold Cotswold