Internorm Home Soft

This building style exudes harmony and cosiness, homely living comfort which radiates cosiness and support.

Home Soft - Ideal for the Passionate

Your home radiates harmony and cosiness. You create a comfortable, pleasant living ambience through various different design elements. Good living quality and homely living comfort are of great importance to you and you view your own home as a retreat from day-to-day life.

Enjoy interesting insights of the design style home soft.

The Home Soft Range is available in Timber/Aluminium, uPVC and uPVC/Aluminium options.

Home Soft Inside View

Inside View

Harmony and aesthetic in perfection - ensured by the rounded edges of the glazing beads and window sashes of home soft windows. Elegant handles and round edges underline a pleasant living atmosphere.

Home Soft Outside View

Outside View

Frame and sash of home soft windows are surface-offset and create a cosy outside design with their rounded edges. Windows with integrated sun and privacy protection are flush and can be integrated into the facade on three sides.


HF210 - Timber/Aluminium

The rounded edges of the aluminium profiles of frame and windows can be designed in many colours and offer you countless opportunities in the design of your outside facade. Concealed hardware on the inside of the HF 210 ensure an undisturbed, cosy timber surface. I-tec glazing, an all around bonding of the glass pane, offers excellent stability, burglary protection as well as thermal insulation and sound reduction.

HF310 - Timber/Aluminium

HF 310 ensures living comfort not only because of its interior timber surface. The rounded edges of frame and sash ensure a cosy ambience inside and outside. Highly thermally insulating thermal foam and all around bonding of the glass pane (I-tec glazing) ensure excellent thermal insulation and stability. Three continuous gaskets prevent water entering on to the timber surface.

HF410 - Timber/Aluminium

Sophisticated colour matching of furniture, windows and floors imparts a unique flair to your rooms. The wide colour and timber range of the new timber/aluminium window HF 410 offers countless possibilities for harmonic design of your living areas. Next to larch, we also offer oak and ash in different colours - and all for an attractive price/performance ratio.

HV350 - Timber/Aluminium

Blinds, Venetian blind or the opaque Duette blinds are protected from dirt through their integrated fitting between the glass panes. Enjoy quadruple protection in just one window with sun & privacy protection, thermal insulation and sound reduction. Flush transition from frame to sash also looks beautiful. Sun protection can be controlled without any external power source via I-tec shading, an energy self-sufficient photovoltaic module, naturally it also features automatic day/night recognition or independent overheating protection.

KF410 - uPVC/Aluminium

White UPVC windows are the classics with design style home soft. These windows, however, could also be designed in different colours due to the aluminium attachment clad. The new I-tec insulation technology facilitates continuous insulation in the frame, thus considerably improving thermal insulation. Upon request, Internorm's I-tec ventilation can be integrated in the KF 410. This ventilation system ensures sufficient fresh air and perfect room climate 24 hours a day.

KV440 - uPVC/Aluminium

Flush transition from frame to sash combined with integrated sun and privacy protection unites the KV 440 to one unit. Blinds, Venetian blinds or the opaque Duette blind are integrated between the panes and therefore protected from dirt. Enjoy quadruple protection in one window with perfect sun and privacy protection, thermal insulation and sound reduction. I-tec shading can be controlled without external power source via photovoltaic module and batteries. I-tec SmartWindow App facilitates convenient operation via table or Smartphone.

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Choose from our wide range of colours according to your requirements. Along with our standard colours, we can offer you a large selection of other colours such as weather-resistant hirest, timber decor and metallic decor colours and many more. Download our pdf files to see the colours available for each profile and material.

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