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This architectural style is very puristic in its design. Clear shapes and minimal design are typical. The minimalistic living style is reduced to the basics.

Studio - Ideal for the Individualist

You see yourself as trendsetter and show a high affinity to new technologies. Trendsetting architecture, clear shapes and minimalist design create an aesthetic living environment and mirror your individual living concept. Your minimalist living style is reduced to the basics and creates room for your self-realisation. You have a high living standard and like to express your individuality.

Enjoy captivating impressions and views when studying the design style studio.

The Studio range is available in Timber/Aluminium, uPVC and uPVC/Aluminium options.

Studio Inside View

Inside View

Square-edged or flush sashes of Studio windows fit perfectly to the clear structures of your interior design. Straight-lined window handles with flat handle cover plates underlined the minimalist appearance.

Studio Outside View

Outside View

Studio windows are reduced to the basics. The simple, flush window frames become the design elements and emphasise the extraordinary architecture.


HF310 - Timber/Aluminium

Timber, aluminium and highly thermally insulating thermal foam in between - this is a combination which promises only good results. Excellent thermal insulation values, beautiful natural timber refined with discreet varnishes and weather-resistant aluminium on the outside make HF 310 an instant classic among the timber/aluminium windows. Due to the same flush design of the aluminium clad, HF 310 can be combined with the UPVC window KF 410. All around gluing of the glass pane (I-tec glazing) ensures excellent stability and burglary protection. Three continuous gaskets protect the inside from the wet.

HF410 - Timber/Aluminium

Sustained materials and colours of the interior decoration underline your minimalistic living style and bring unusual individual items into the foreground. HF 410 adapts perfectly to your interior design. Different colours and timber types offer you countless possibilities in your individual colour design of your interior spaces. Grey Oak as interior colour corresponds to the modern living style with clear shapes, plain materials and discreet colours. Made to order, openable and fixed glazed windows can be integrated to large areas.

HV350 - Timber/Aluminium

Harmonically the sun and privacy protection integrates into this flush window and offers quadruple protection in only one window with excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction values. Blinds, Venetian blinds or Duette blinds are situated between the panes and are therefore protected from dirt. The energy self-sufficient I-tec shading requires no external power source due to the photovoltaic module and batteries. Integrated automatic functions such as day/night recognition and intelligent overheating protection can be easily activated. Also operation via tablet or Smartphone is available via I-tec SmartWindow.

KF220 - uPVC and uPVC/Aluminium

The innovative glass sash lends the KF 220 the impression of fixed glazing, however it is still an openable window. The narrow, square-edged window frame underlines the reduced architecture of the design style studio not only in the classic white UPVC version but also with an aluminium attachment clad. Three-sided rendering of the frame realises your dream of an almost frameless glass architecture. I-tec glazing ensures excellent stability, thermal insulation and security through all around gluing of the glass pane.

KF410 - uPVC/Aluminium

Complete flush transition from sash to frame unites the KF 410 to one unit. If the frame is rendered on three sides into the brickwork outside, only the narrow, square-edged frame of the sash remains visible. The new I-tec insulation technology facilitates continuous insulation in the frame, thus improving thermal insulation considerably. Technological advantage concerning airing is provided by the I-tec ventilation. The ventilation system, integrated into the frame, ensures sufficient fresh air and perfect room climate for 24 hours a day.

KF500 - uPVC/Aluminium

KF 500 combines innovate design with technical know-how. The window sash is not visible from the outside through its glass appearance and can not be distinguished optically from fixed glazing. This sash also conceals the revolutionary I-tec locking which renders levering of the window impossible, unrivalled in the industry. Integrated flaps press on to the inside of the frame on all sides when locking and therefore offer maximum burglary protection. Additionally, KF 500 can be equipped with I-tec ventilation, a ventilation system integrated into the window frame.

KV440 - uPVC/Aluminium

KV 440, the window with integrated blinds, offers next to flush design also all-round comfort. Sun and privacy protection is integrated between the panes and therefore protected from dirt. Bothersome cleaning of individual slats has become a thing of the past. Also in the matter of operation, I-tec shading offers many advantages. The sun protection can be controlled without an external power source via photovoltaic module and batteries. I-tec SmartWindow enables convenient operation via tablet or Smartphone.

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Choose from our wide range of colours according to your requirements. Along with our standard colours, we can offer you a large selection of other colours such as weather-resistant hirest, timber decor and metallic decor colours and many more. Download our pdf files to see the colours available for each profile and material.

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