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Rationel ALDUS Timber/Aluminium Window Range - (Now Discontinued)

ALDUS windows and doors are suited to both new-build and refurbishment projects where a modern façade is required. Their energy efficient design can reduce energy consumption in the home and their external aluminium cladding makes ALDUS virtually maintenance-free. This range offers slightly improved energy efficiency over DOMUS.


Rationel AURA


Rationel AURA+


Rationel ALDUS




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Rationel FORMA+

Rationel ALDUS - (Now Discontinued)

The window concept with a stunningly modern appearance.


Security Hardware

DOMUS & ALDUS are available with security hardware to meet SBD standards. The vast majority of timber originates from FSC-certified forests. Read more at www.rationel.co.uk

Secured By Design
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Windows With Vision

Good, solid, quality workmanship has characterised Rationel’s windows and doors since the first products were shipped from our factory in Sdr. Felding in 1954. Based on this sound foundation, Rationel is today an international company with sales offices in Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark. Rationel manufactures energy saving windows and doors of premium quality in terms of both comfort and security. Our continuous programme of research and development ensures that the company always meets current statutory requirements as well as market requirements for design and functionality.

Rationel is part of the DOVISTA Group, which consists of ten leading door and window companies in Europe. DOVISTA A/S is owned by VKR Holding and employs approximately 13,500 people in more than 40 countries.

Opening Types

Top Guided

Top Guided windows are a simple, elegant and user-friendly design. Opening is controlled by tracks and slides. When opening the window the top of the sash slides downwards as the bottom of the sash opens outwards. Adjustable friction ironmongery allows an almost infinite choice of open positions.

Side Hung

Side Hung windows are controlled with tracks and slides. On windows over 424 mm wide, the handle controlled friction brake allows the window to be fixed in any open position.

Side Guided

Side Guided windows are controlled by tracks and slides that allow the window to be fixed in any open position. However, when opened, the hinge side of the sash moves toward the middle to create an opening that allows the glass to be cleaned from the inside.

Tilt & Turn

Tilt and Turn windows function in two ways. They are hinged from the side and open inwards or, for ventilation, the sash can be tilted in at the top. Tilt and Turn windows can be cleaned from the inside.

Top Swing

In everyday operation the fully reversible window functions as a Top Guided window. However it is possible to turn the sash through 170 degrees to clean the glass from the inside.

Fixed Light

Fixed Light windows are ideal wherever maximum internal light and solar heat gain is required.

Louvered Panel

This unit is based on a Side Light where the glass has been replaced with horizontal louvres externally and an insect screen internally. Internally two insulated doors, one above the other, can be opened in order to control ventilation. Both doors have a friction brake to hold the doors open in any position.


When choosing windows and doors from Rationel, it is possible to enhance the appearance and character of your house through your choice of colour. Our standard colours suit the majority of architectural styles and traditions in the United Kingdom. We also offer a special range of colours, which you can use to highlight particular features of your home.

Standard RAL Colours

Rationel AURA and Rationel AURA+ windows and doors are available in one standard colour on both the inside and outside of the frame. It is possible to have a split colour solution on Rationel AURA+, where you are able to have a different colour on the outside to what you choose for the inside.

* The colours shown cannot be reproduced exactly.

Granite Colours (Rationel ALDUS Only)

* The colours shown cannot be reproduced exactly.

* Will be subject to additional leadtime.

Product Details

Minimum/Maximum Sizes

Opening Function Minimum Width Minimum Height Maximum Width Maximum Height Maximum Width & Height
Top Guided 353mm 358mm 1608mm 1588mm 2876mm
Side Hung 388mm 353mm 948mm 1788mm 2876mm
Side Guided 408mm 353mm 1188mm 1788mm 2676mm
Top Swing 353mm 488mm 1608mm 1588mm 2876mm
Tilt & Turn 538mm 588mm 1488mm 1833mm 3276mm
Fixed Light 228mm 258mm 3800mm 3800mm 4776mm

Durability Tests

A series of test videos are available to view on the website.

Sectional Details

Download full set of drawings at www.rationel.co.uk

Best Performance

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