Fixed Casement


  • Only as a light source
  • The frame and the sash are integrated
  • Appears identical to all VELFAC window types
  • Available as 24mm double glazing

Standard fittings

  • All fittings are made of steel with a grey, corrosion-proof zinc-aluminium finish
Fixed Casement

Min/Max sizes

Here you find the min./max. sizes for the fixed casement.

Additional limitations to glazing with 8mm or 10mm spacer:

Glazing with 10mm spacer (e.g. 6-10-8.4 and 6-10-8.8)

  • maximum 4.5m2
  • maximum length of 3000mm

Glazing with 8mm spacer (e.g. 8.4-8-8.4 or 8.8-8-8.8)

  • maximum 3.0m2
  • maximum length of 3000mm
Fixed Casement

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