Wooden Windows

Ideas and imagination are highly appreciated at Rationel. Whether the creative ideas come from you, the architect or the carpenter, they should not be stopped by standard solutions. We produce special units for both refurbishment and new build projects.

Fixed Light

Fixed Light Windows

All Ecotec windows can be fitted with modern energy efficient double glazed units. This makes it possible to design buildings with large sections of glass, while keeping energy use and costs to a minimum. Our Fixed Light wooden windows are ideal wherever maximum internal light is required, or for glass sections that overlook gardens or attractive views.

Ventilated Fixed Light

Ventilated Fixed Light Windows

Ecotec Windows can provide covered ventilation in frame sections that are surrounded by a 115mm frame or post. The construction principle is based on a 2-layered external plating system.

Louvred Panel

Louvred Panel

The unit is based on a Side Light where the glass has been replaced with horizontal louvres externally and with an insect screen internally. Internally two insulated doors, one above the other, can be opened to control ventilation. Both doors have a friction brake to hold the doors open in any position.

Top Giuded

Top Guided Windows

Top Guided windows are a simple, elegant and user-friendly design. Opening is controlled by tracks and slides. As the window opens, the top of the sash slides downwards as the bottom of the sash opens outwards. Adjustable friction ironmongery allows an infinite choice of open positions.

Side Guided

Side Guided Windows

Side Guided windows are controlled by tracks and slides that allow the window to be fixed in any open position. However, when opened the hinge side of the sash moves toward the middle to create an opening that allows the glass to be cleaned from the inside. Windows over 708mm wide are fitted with an adjustable handle controlled friction brake. Side Guided windows can also be used for emergency exits.

Side Hung

Side Hung Windows

Like Top Guided windows, Side Hung windows are also controlled with tracks and slides. On windows over 588mm wide, the handle controlled friction brake allows the window to be fixed in any open position. Side Hung windows can also be used for emergency exits.

Tilt And Turn

Tilt & Turn

Tilt & Turn windows function in two ways. They are hinged from the side and open inwards. Or for ventilation the sash can be tilted in at the top. Tilt & Turn windows can be cleaned from the inside. Tilt & Turn windows can also be used for emergency exits.

Fully Reversable

Top Swing Windows

In everyday operation the fully reversible window functions as a Top Guided window. However, an ingenious mechanism makes it possible to turn the sash through 180 degrees to clean the glass from the inside.

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