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Sliding Patio Doors

Rationel's sliding patio doors are designed to be as beautiful as the outdoor view they frame. Highly-energy efficient, they work to bring the beauty of your garden into your home in the summer but keep the heat and enjoyment throughout the winter. The sliding part of the door is designed to lift and glide easily, so that even when space is at a premium, you can enjoy the best of nature – both indoors and out.

Truly modern design,built to last Rationel's sliding exterior patio doors are available in our A triple glazed. This unique profile is characterised by clean lines and a sleek frame, with additional aluminium cladding for exceptional durability and a life expectancy that will span decades.


When choosing windows and doors from Rationel, it is possible to enhance the appearance and character of your house through your choice of colour. Our standard colours suit the majority of architectural styles and traditions in the United Kingdom. We also offer a special range of colours, which you can use to highlight particular features of your home.

Standard RAL Colours

The colours shown cannot be reproduced exactly.

White - RAL 9010

RAL 9010

Anthracite - RAL 7016

RAL 7016

Mid Grey - RAL 7042

Mid Grey
RAL 7042

Yellow - RAL 1018

RAL 1018

Navy Blue - RAL 5013

Navy Blue
RAL 5013

Cream White - RAL 9001

Cream White
RAL 9001

Black - RAL 9005

RAL 9005

Pebble Grey - RAL 7032

Pebble Grey
RAL 7032

Olive Grey - RAL 6003

Olive Grey
RAL 6003

Dark Brown - RAL 8017

Dark Brown
RAL 8017

Light Grey - RAL 7035

Light Grey
RAL 7035

Rowanberry - RAL 3011

RAL 3011

Beige - RAL 1001

RAL 1001

Dark Green - RAL 6007

Dark Green
RAL 6007

Slate Grey - RAL 7015

Slate Grey
RAL 7015

Silver Grey - RAL 7001

Silver Grey
RAL 7001

Beige Grey - RAL 70065

Beige Grey
RAL 7006

Blue Black - RAL 5008

Blue Black
RAL 5008


Rationel Sliding Patio windows and doors are available in one standard colour on both the inside and outside of the frame.

If you require a colour that is not listed within our Standard colour range above, we are able to offer any colour from the RAL classic range; these will be subject to additional costs and lead times.


The colours shown cannot be reproduced exactly.

White - SAA10F Sable

SAA10F Sable

Gris - 2150 Sable

2150 Sable

Gris - 2400 Sable

2400 Sable

Gris - 2900 Sable

2900 Sable

Noir - 2100 Sable

2100 Sable

Noir - 900 Sable

900 Sable

Glazing Options

Rationel windows combine safety, privacy and energy-efficiency features that help you make the very best of your home.

Rationel Secure

Rationel SECURE - Our windows are built with security in mind. Read more about our Secured by Design certification or watch the video on our website

Rationel Obscure

Rationel OBSCURE - Our panes are designed to restrict the view into private areas such as bathrooms. Choose from six different types of glass to get the combination of light and privacy you desire

Rationel Safety

Rationel SAFETY - Our glass holds together when shattered, reducing the risk of injury if someone falls into the pane. Panes can be made of toughened glass, laminated glass or a combination of both

Rationel Facade

Rationel FACADE - Used in buildings either to create a visually coherent facade or for special colour effects, FACADE is well suited to storey divisions as well as ventilated and insulated panels, and is available in special colours on request

Rationel Sound

Rationel SOUND - Our windows are built with security in mind. If your home is subject to environmental noise, our noise reducing panes are for you. Panes feature two glass sheets that act as a break, dramatically reducing the movement of sound into your home and creating a peaceful environment

Rationel Solar

Rationel SOLAR - Our solar panes limit the amount of sunlight and heat coming into a building, depending on the light and heat shielding levels required. This means significantly less energy will be required to cool hot rooms

Durability Tests

A series of test videos are available to view on the website.

Air Permeability

Air Permeability

Wind Resistance - 1600PA

Wind Resistance

Operation - 10,000 cycles

10,000 Cycles

Water Tightness - 600PA

Water Tightness

Minimum/Maximum Sizes

Max width and height are subject to glass weight and spec.

Minimum Width 1,788mm
Minimum Height 1,863mm
Maximum Width 3,588mm
Maximum Width 2,388

Security Hardware

Both Rationel AURA & Rationel AURA+ come with security hardware as standard to meet SBD requirements. The vast majority of timber originates from FSC-certified forests.

Secured By Design

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