Mechanical Ventilation

Constantly reviewing latest product developments, we at Ecotec have added the latest replacement to trickle vents to our product line. The future of ventilation in fenestration! These products developed by Venti, part of the Coastal Group, promote the benefits of continuous mechanical ventilation, improving living conditions by supplying fresh air into habitable dwellings.


Continuous fresh air supply unit
With a subtle design, the Fluxo runs 24/7 in 70 second cycles. It supplies fresh filtered air to the room from outside, then reverses and extracts stale air outside. The unit can be combined with an optional switch to set the operation to extract only, making it ideal for overheated rooms. An innovative heat exchanger located in the core allows over 82% of the heat to be retained inside the property. Additionally, the built in insect net ensures that there are no invited insects into your home.

Fluxo - Continuous fresh air supply unit


Continuous extract unit
A silent and inconspicuous decentralized mechanical extraction ventilator, Aria has been designed for continuous operation in wet rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, showers, toilets, and utility rooms. The fan has a trickle speed in standard mode. When the humidity exceeds the pre-set level, the fan automatically switches to boost mode until the humidity decreases, and then reverts to trickle speed. Additionally, the system features adjustable run-on timer settings and a manual switch for activating the boost mode.

Aria - Continuous extract unit

Advantages over trickle vents

  • Homeowners often close installed trickle vents, causing mould and dampness over time
  • Unwanted drafts, insects, and the loss of heat are caused by trickle vents
  • The average 900mm of trickle vent per habitable room often looks unsightly when installed on high quality windows
Advantages over trickle vents

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