An EnerPHit house the pinnacle of sustainable architecture, specifically tailored for retrofitting existing buildings to meet the stringent standards set by the Passive House Institute (PHI). Developed as a certification by PHI, EnerPHit provides a clear pathway for transforming older structures into energy-efficient marvels while prioritizing indoor comfort and air quality.


Unlike new Passive House constructions, which are designed from scratch to meet rigorous criteria, EnerPHit acknowledges the complexities inherent in retrofitting. It offers a flexible framework that adapts to the challenges posed by existing buildings, ensuring significant reductions in energy consumption without compromising on performance or environmental impact.

Retrofitting a building to EnerPHit standards involves a comprehensive approach encompassing thermal insulation, airtightness improvements, advanced ventilation systems, and energy-efficient technologies. These elements work in harmony to minimize energy demand, lower carbon footprints, and enhance overall occupant well-being. By opting for EnerPHit certification, building owners and developers demonstrate leadership in environmental stewardship while enhancing property value.

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The EnerPHit standard and zero-carbon buildings are attracting growing interest from discerning builders, designers, and architects. However, achieving these goals requires specialized knowledge.

The Ecotec team brings extensive experience to the table in designing and specifying EnerPHit products, ensuring flawless connection details and airtightness from the very beginning to final installation.

EnerPHit Innovation: A Worldwide Success Story

The EnerPHit standard has revolutionised sustainable building practices globally, significantly enhancing the energy performance of retrofitted buildings. By offering an effective solution for upgrading existing structures, EnerPHit has enabled buildings to achieve dramatic reductions in energy consumption, often up to 90%. This not only diminishes the environmental footprint of these buildings but also delivers substantial cost savings for homeowners and occupants through reduced heating and cooling expenses.

EnerPHit projects have been successfully implemented across the globe, spanning from Europe to North America and beyond. They illustrate the versatility of the standard in diverse climates and building types. These initiatives frequently serve as educational and demonstration platforms, highlighting the advantages of energy efficiency and sustainable construction methods to a wider audience. Additionally, these retrofit projects have stimulated local economies by generating demand for skilled labour and advanced building materials.


EnerPHit in the UK

In the UK, the EnerPHit standard is gaining traction as a practical solution for improving the energy performance of the country's aging buildins. Many historical and older buildings were originally constructed without much consideration for energy efficiency. Retrofitting these structures to meet EnerPHit standards is now widely recognized as an effective method for reducing carbon emissions.

Our units by Internorm are renowned for their innovation in low-energy windows and doors. Our Passivhaus-certified products, not only meet but exceed the rigorous criteria set by ift Rosenheim. The products undergo comprehensive testing, evaluating everything from thermal performance to structural integrity. This includes assessments for water tightness, air permeability, and resistance to impact, ensuring they meet the exacting standards required for Passivhaus projects.

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