Your Guide to Making Your House More Energy Efficient

16th May 2024

As much as 50% of the energy used to heat up a house is lost through its windows. They are one of the biggest sources of energy loss in a building. However, energy efficient windows now take advantage of sunlight and avoid excessive heat loss through the pane.

Your Guide to Making Your House More Energy Efficient

When buying windows, you must look at the u-value of the window. The u-value is a measure of how much heat is lost through it. The lower the u-value, the more efficient is your window as it provides better insulation.

What additional features can you look for?

- Slim frames reduce u-values as glass is a better insulator than the frame
- Consider double glazing or triple glazing – these provide thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation.
- Glass coatings reflect heat back into the interior and control solar gain.
- Glass units filled with argon gas further improve insulation.
- Big windows let more sunlight in and exploit solar energy better

Finally, know the position of your windows. Thermal efficiency can be improved by strategically positioning your windows, relative to the sun.

- South facing windows receive the greatest influx of sunlight
- North facing windows don’t receive direct sunlight
- East facing and west facing windows receive about the same influx of sunlight

Use these tips to take full advantage of sunlight, which could give us savings on energy for heat and lighting.

We have units with typical u-values of 0.8 W/m2k , perfect for Passivhaus standard homes.

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