A Facelift for a Seaside Cottage WIth Rationel Doors

2nd December 2021

Ecotec Windows recently implemented a Rationel Door installation in the Yorkshire Dales. The property owner was invited to see the products at the showroom on location in South Yorkshire. The visualisation of our full product range took place with full examples across all options on show.

A Facelift for a Seaside Cottage WIth Rationel Doors

Jannine Oldham stated "Our property is a seaside beach house; and we bought it about 20 years ago and hadn’t done a lot of work on it, so we decided since we weren’t going away this year to do a sort of re-fit makeover on It. We did quite a lot of work - we put new windows on the front of the house which takes the bulk of the wind and driving rain, which can often be upwards of 60 miles per hour here in the winter months. We also replaced two sets of patio doors, we did look at Rationel doors for that but you only had a single door system and we needed bi-parting doors so that wasn’t the answer for us there; but we did prefer the Rationel externals doors and that’s where we came to Ecotec."

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