Innovative Window Manufacture From Internorm

8th March 2021

Each Internorm window is produced exactly according to your wishes and custom-made. Thus, our window-products are available in the most diverse window sizes, window versions and window designs such as frameless windows, flush or square-edged frames or even windows with rounded edges of sash and frame. The windows will match any chosen architectural style and design of your house.

Innovative Window Manufacture From Internorm

Besides turn, turn-tilt or tilt windows, our products are also available as fixed glazing, balcony door, patio door, sliding window or door, lift-sliding door, large-scale glazing and as basement window.

  • UPVC windows - UPVC windows are still the most popular windows in Europe. These can be custom-made and in many different designs
  • UPVC-aluminium windows - Aluminium cladding on the outside is easy to care for and can be designed in many colours and structures
  • Timber-aluminium windows - Timber windows are unparalleled in their naturalness and cosiness. In order to retain characteristics for a long time, a protective aluminium cladding is fixed to the outside

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