Rationel Modern Or Traditional Window Styles

2nd February 2021

Your home is unique and your windows should be too. From the way the light gathers at dawn to the flow of air during a hot summer, every element should complement your lifestyle. It’s beauty without compromise. Shape your outlook and change your world.

Rationel Modern Or Traditional Window Styles

Rationel Scandinavian windows bring together daylight, beauty and warmth to truly amplify your happy home. Highly energy-efficient as standard, they act as the catalyst to a totally comfortable and content environment, no matter what type of home you live in. All of our windows are made entirely bespoke. We put the utmost care into every consideration, from colour and glazing all the way through to opening and closing functions, to create something that’s perfectly suited to you.

  • AURA & AURAPLUS - Our modern windows are characterised by clean lines and minimalistic design. They’re well suited to contemporary construction and Scandinavian feel
  • FORMA & FORMAPLUS - Our traditional windows are characterised by their unique detailing. Discover this traditional range that’s well suited to any construction that aims for the traditional British architecture in a classic style

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