Solarlux Bi-folding Doors Brochure Now Available

15th July 2020

The high-quality Solarlux sliding doors offer maximum window and our sliding systems offer a non-insulated alternative to the bifolding glass door with a wide variety of possible uses and designs. Our innovative premium Cero sliding doors, with their minimal slimline frames, open up a room with its extensive glass panes and impressive dimensions, design and functionality. Cero guarantees precision, smart technical details, ultra slim frame, in-house production, on-site management and sophisticated designs that are exclusively European.

Solarlux Bi-folding Doors Brochure Now Available

For more than 30 years, the name Solarlux has stood for bespoke folding glass door solutions and large-scale glass panes. All products are developed, tested and created at the company’s head office in Melle. From the outset, the idea was to create unique products to make houses open and flexible to their surroundings. Today, we are still a world-renowned company with the highest standards of design, quality and functionality.

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