Triple glazing for the price of Double!!

17th September 2020

  • Get triple glazing for the price of double and enjoy a warmer home sooner rather than later
  • Our super efficient triple glazing will make your home warmer, quieter and safer
  • Triple the benefits at half the cost

Continually Efficient
Safety All Around

Ecotec Announce Opening of New Showroom

I-Tec Glazing: All-Round Innovation
To ensure maximum security for your home, our windows are equipped with I-tec glazing. Many windows are only connected to the frame at a few points. Our I-tec glazing however, offers continuous all-round fixing of the glass pane as standard. This continuous bonding significantly improves the windows stability, thermal insulation, sound insulation and security.

I-Tec Insulation: Greater Insulation
For greater energy efficiency, we use I-tec insulation throughout our UPVC-aluminium window range. Our windows are filled with granulate instead of foam, enabling the smallest of gaps to be filled. This provides high levels of insulation, helping to keep heating costs low.

At Internorm, we offer enhanced thermal insulation glazing as standard. The ECLAZ® offers unprecedented thermal insulation, making it extremely eco-friendly. It also offers high transpa-rency, ensuring up to 10% more daylight. Combining energy savings with improved comfort, the ECLAZ® is eco-innovation at its best.

  • Eco-Friendly - offers excellent insulation and lowers CO2
  • Energy Efficient - combines energy savings with improved comfort
  • Enhanced Natural Light - enjoy up to 10% more daylight

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